How to make new year's resolutions

Superpowerable Resolutions Love You

Embracing Change: A Fresh Perspective on New Year’s Resolutions As we step into 2024, many of us are contemplating the age-old tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. However, the concept of traditional resolutions has evolved, and it’s time to embrace a fresh perspective on how we approach the new year, one we can love. Let’s …

resilience and growth through goals and resolutions

Resilience And Growth Powers Your Resolutions

Embracing Resilience and Growth: A New Year’s Resolution Journey As we encounter opportunities for making promises and goals, it’s a time for reflection, renewal, and self-assessment. While the most common resolutions often revolve around health, fitness, and personal development, this time, let’s delve into the transformative power of resolutions centered on resilience and growth. The …

New Year’s Resolution Course is now available – free preview

The course for 2015 went live just before midnight, EST (New York time, USA) 2014. You can preview the course for free. The course continues to evolve, to become the 2016 version, with even more lessons and content.  It is the first of the courses launched under a new series of online educational content, from